Rising energy costs has made solar energy a popular investment in Central Australia. The money saved on power bills all adds up, making it a great investment for homes and businesses.

As a Clean Energy Council member, TDC Refrigeration and Electrical is a leading solar power system provider and installer. Our experienced team ensures you select the right system for your home, maximising your potential energy generation and the money you could be saving.

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TDC Refrigeration and Electrical can really assess your needs and tailor the perfect system for you.

TDC Refrigeration and Electrical only use the best quality panels and inverters from recognised and reputable manufacturers:

  • Can have your solar panel installation completed quickly to start saving you money
  • No pushy sales tactics and expert local advice and after sales service
  • Have residential and commercial systems available
  • Can install the solar panels to almost any roof type or free-standing in the backyard

For affordable solar quotes in Central Australia, get in touch with one of our experienced team and contact us today!